Multi-purpose Cleansing Nourisher

  • It contains high quality Ganoderma in food gel base with Natural¬† Menthol and Mild Food Flavour.
  • It does not contain Flouride, Sacharin & Artificial Flavouring.
  • As Ganoderma is added, it offers Anti-oxidant, Anti-bacterial & healing properties.
  • Cleanses and protects the teeth.
  • Can be used externally for cuts, wounds, burns, cracks, skin allergies, insect bites, etc (as a first-aaid attempt only).
  • Can be used in steaming for instant relief from cold, cough.
  • The Entire Process – Cultivation, Processing And Marketing Is Solely Done By The Company Under Strict Quality Control
  • Natural Teeth Cleaning Remedy Ganoderma Extract
  • Storage Instructions: Store In A Cool And Dry Place