Met Carib Health through Instagram and knew I was in the right space. Their clinic is calm and serene.

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and my bad cholesterol was way out of range. My BP was also high.

I had a consultation with their Nutritionist Sherese Ijewere and she helped me understand the Lifestyle mistakes I was making with my health and foods I was eating and according to her “what I was not eating.”

I went on a strict regimen as I was not interested in taking modern medicine with all the side effects.

I was committed to following through with her plan. I started with their detox program which I lost 5kg as I did the 10-day detox.

Followed by the meal plan she customized, I thought I would die but realized healthy eating is very satisfying and my mood was much happier, I felt like my mind was much clearer too.

Redid my cholesterol levels after 4 weeks just to see out of curiosity and my numbers are back to the normal range. I couldn’t believe it and neither could my medical Dr.

I am certainly keeping up with my new lifestyle. Thanks, Carib Health!!


Thank you so much Sherese. When the doctor put my husband on medication to reduce blood sugar he stressed the need for a change in diet.

We reached out to Sherese at Carib Health, Sherese’s advise and diet plan enhanced the reduction of blood sugar.

For example, blood sugar levels have dropped from the high over 350mg/dl to 125 mg/dl plus in less than 12 days.

Progress is consistent and some of the symptoms he had prior to the medical and dietary interventions like sleep-disturbing nocturia have stopped.

Our Doctor is pleased with my husband’s quick and consistent progress.

The diet plan worked wonders. (vitamin-enriched smoothies and the vast range of vegetables) Thank you Sherese for your calm and professional demeanor at a very trying period in our lives.

I have followed the diet too as Sherese said “ once one partner has a diet-related health issue there is every possibility of the spouse following quickly behind after all the two were probably eating the same diet“.


My wife forced me to meet with her Nutrition Consultant at Carib Health. To be honest I was very hesitant. But knew I was tired of all the medications.

I was on cholesterol meds for 6months and lost my libido. I was not interested in that ‘action’ at all. Dr said it was part of the side effects of the cholesterol meds. I also started feeling depressed.

So I followed my wife reluctantly 6 weeks ago. I met with her Nutritionist Sherese, very professional. Long story short I took her advice – my wife followed the meal plan, I stopped my medications, I detoxed and I started feeling better.

As I type this am Happy, my sex life is back, am healthy. Tested cholesterol at an independent lab on Monday and all numbers are good. My potbelly is gone. Thanks to my wife for getting me help.

If your struggling, go to the experts. Listen to your wife my friend and go to Carib Health.


I met Dr. Ijewere at his Nutrition Hospital. My friend introduced me to them. I must say I didn’t know such a place existed. In fact, I thought I was in America.

I was addicted to pain medications. Whether I was having pain or not. I was always drowsy and just depressed.

On my first encounter, there was extensive consultation and I could tell this Dr was different. I felt he understood the core of my problems. It was like I was an onion – layers and layers being peeled to understand the root of my problem.

He explains his Wellness Tree and I was put on a protocol.

Happy to say 3 months later, though I am still on the treatment I am now on Natural remedies. I am not drowsy, am not floating, no more pain. I feel life. I can listen to my children and help them with their school work. I have a new outlook on life.

Thank you Dr. Ijewere and your team. I definitely recommend them.


I came to see Dr. Ijewere about erectile dysfunction. I was on allergy medications, blood pressure medications, I wasn’t sleeping well. I was just a mess.

The consultation went well. He put me on a protocol. I knew inside me this was the Dr. I needed. I had 4 weeks to turn things around before my wife returned.

I followed his instructions, came for follow-ups. At 3 weeks I was feeling different, felt like my self was coming back. My wife returned and wondered what happened. She was very happy – need I say more. My allergies have significantly reduced. My manhood came back. I sleep better. Thank you Dr. Ijewere


Good evening Dr. I just want to share my journey so you can help others.

I was constipated from secondary school. But things got worse this year. I heard Dr. Ijewere on the radio and visited his clinic 2 weeks ago. I was put on a protocol of different things and also saw the Nutritionist.

I am happy to say I have gone to the toilet every day after starting the program. I feel better. I don’t get annoyed as I use to.

My stomach challenge has gone down. Thank you, Dr.


Thank you, Sherese. Carib Health detox program tops. I lost 2.5kg in 3 days and following your meal plan. Today is day 5 and I feel great. My shirt is no longer pulling. Thank you, Ma.


Thank you, Dr for checking on me. My BP is very normal and is feeling much better. 2 months no medication. I am sticking with the plan Doc and am feeling much better.


I started spirulina while doing my detox and noticed I slept better, bowels opened up easily and I have plenty of energy. Thank you for introducing me to this.


Yes, my children also take Spirulina. Especially in these times. I put it in their pap or smoothing every day.


The journey to good health and a renewed life

It started a few months ago when my husband accompanied me for my routine checkup and his BP was checked, surprisingly it was high at 150/95. Historically, he’s always had a low BP in the region of 120/80, so to us, this was an anomaly.

The doctor had then asked him to rest and come back a few days later to check again. When he went back it was slightly reduced to 140/90 and he was advised to “make lifestyle changes” that he will be fine.

About 2-3 months later, as the coronavirus lockdown started, I noticed that our stress levels seemed to increase so I decided we should check our BP daily. To my shock and surprise, my husband’s BP was high every day for 4 consecutive days as I was keeping a record.

I contacted the doctor and he came to the house and took samples to run a full investigation to determine the causes of the raised BP. After 24-48 hours, the results came in and the problem was worse, his cholesterol levels were way higher than the allowed range.

His bad cholesterol level was high (at 8 vs range of 5) and his good cholesterol was too low. Thankfully everything else was fine. The doctor recommended that he be placed on drugs to lower cholesterol and BP.

My husband asked how long will he have to take them for and the doctor said “sorry, likely for life”. My husband said no, I remember that Sherese (my wife’s nutritionist) once mentioned that we can reverse BP by our diet and lifestyle change. I am going to consult her first before taking any medication…. well, to tell the truth, I was a bit scared based on how high the numbers were and my husband’s insistence not to take any medication (I mean we have 4 children and I don’t want to raise them alone!). I said okay let me call Sherese for you – and so began our journey to good health.

The first meeting with Sherese was on 5th May 2020 and she said “it can be lowered but we need to stick strictly to the routines, diet, exercises, we will go cold turkey on cubes/seasonings/cooking oil, etc”.

Both my husband and I were furiously taking notes. Sherese gave him a diet to follow, an exercise plan and we were to continue monitoring his BP daily.

He kicked off on 6th May with a 3-day detox and exercising, including all the other health tips that Sherese had recommended. My husband is a determined man, but I have never seen him more determined to abide by every single thing recommended. He used to be a sweet tooth, now he can walk past the children having a drink without even looking at them. We have even modified everyone else’s diet to ensure we enable him to succeed.

He lost weight in the first 3 days, and within those 3 days, we saw a normalization of his BP. As of yesterday 21st May, 17 days after we started this journey, his BP is down to 110/75. In his words, my husband says “I have not felt this good in a long time”.

We’re very grateful to Sherese for her support and guidance, and I’m personally happy to see my husband back to good health, full of energy and life.

As with all journeys, we’re still on it, the journey is not yet over. We plan on continuing and sticking to these lifestyle changes. We’re scheduled for another blood test in 6 weeks where I’m hoping the results will shock the doctors 😁

Did I mention that this journey has enabled me to get back to my own personal weight loss journey as I have joined my husband to encourage him but also to get healthier as well?

Below is an extract from the daily diary I keep of my husband’s BP readings:

Thurs May 21st: 110/75
Wed 20th May: 110/80
Tues 19th May: 120:80
Mon 18th May: 120/80
Sun 17th May: 120/80
Sat 16th May: 110/75
Friday 15th May: 110/80
Thurs 13th May: 110/80
Wed 13th May: 110/80
Tue 12th May: 110/80
Mon 11th May:110/85
Sun 10th May:110/85
Sat 9th May: 120/85
Friday 8th May: 120/90
Thurs 7th May: 120/90
Wed 6th May: 130/90

Consultation with Sherese on 5th May and the start of lifestyle changes

Tues 5th May: 140/100
Mon 4th May: 130/90
Sun 3rd May: 140/100
Sat 2nd May: 130/100
Friday 1st May: 140/100
Thurs 30th April: 130/100
Wed 29th April: 140/100
Tues 28th April: 145/101


My sister has been telling me for months to go to Carib Health. She was diagnosed with diabetes and reversed it on the Carib’s program. I was experiencing the same symptoms as she described. Felt horrible.

My blood sugar went as high as 438 and I was afraid of Dr’s and medications. I woke up 4 weeks ago and put on my mask and headed to Carib Health. I met Dr. Ijewere and his lovely wife Sherese.

I am so thankful. The pain in my legs stopped, numbness stopped. BS today is 110, yesterday was 115. I feel better. I have lost weight. My head is clearer. No medication! I am just following their treatment plan which is all-natural.

God bless you Dr. I can’t thank you enough.

Mr. Uguchukwu

Since Feb 2021 I have lost 20kg. Had high blood pressure and diabetes. I was told to take insulin and medication from outside Hospital.

As of today, my blood sugar levels are normal, my HbA1c is normal.  I feel great, look better than before, and plan to adhere and continue this new Lifestyle.

Listen to my testimony here.


Confidential Client

Good afternoon Dr Jacques Maritain once said, “Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy.”

I wish to extend my sentiments of Gratitude for all the health tips and sharing that you have given out on various platforms to a whole lot of people for some time now.

I was able to make this morning’s session and it was exceptional. Simple but deep enough.

I appreciate you and your wife for all the efforts you put in – the research, the generosity, and sensitivity to a number of people out there.

I’m sure there are many who can say the same.

“Nature is kind to those who follow her laws”

“The Lord God put the man in the Garden…”

These were some of your words this morning. And that interplay between Nature, Scripture, and your practice is striking.

Thank you very much. Warm Regards


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