All About Sugar – The Good, The Bad and the Bitter Truth

Everyone knows what sugar is – but do you know the real truth?

Essentially, sugar is obtained from various plants, sugar cane, sugar beet and is used as a sweetener in foods and drinks. Table sugar is the most commonly used sugar – it is made up of glucose and fructose.

Did you know that 4grams of sugar = 1 tablespoon?

This also means when you go to the supermarket or store to purchase anything it’s important you read the labels. For example, 1 soda can contain as much as 14 cubes of sugar!!! Shocking but true.

Did you also know that sugar is disguised with more than 56 names? So if you’re trying to avoid the word sugar – it is important you also know the disguised names it falls under. Be a smart consumer.

What essentially happens when you consume too much sugar?

The immune system that basically fights, is weakened 

Your immune system is in control of fighting viruses, bacteria, pollution, parasites, fungi, toxins .  If you weaken your immune system with things such as processed sugars – it can allow these things to thrive which then can make you fall ill.

Sugar does other damages to the body, such as, dental cavities

If one does not brush their teeth well, or after eating sugary foods, the sugar starts to cause a decay on the tooth/teeth.

Sugar can also contribute to obesity

Consuming processed sugars and added sugars, such as those in soft drinks, juices, baked goods, candy, cereals, etc can cause one to store excess calories which cause Overweight, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer and a host of other life-threatening diseases. All these lifestyle diseases are also known as Metabolic Syndrome.  This, we will explain in another blog post.


The interesting truth that many people do not consider is Sugar contributing to aging, wrinkles, insomnia, inflammation on all levels, including the brain.  Yes, I said it, the brain – sugar also contributes to Alzheimer’s. So if one thinks the sweet tooth is the IN thing – long term, it can eventually contribute to lack of concentration, memory loss, and forgetfulness.

So let’s leave you to decide…….are processed sugars an essential nutrient or a disguised slow poison?