Causes of Bloating – Steps to Alleviating Bloating

Causes of Bloating

Did you know eating is a common cause of bloating?

This is because when the body digests foods it produces gas.
Bloating can also be a cause of gut imbalance – food intolerance such as dairy products, sugary foods or carbonated drinks.

How does bloating make you feel?

Bloating can cause you to feel full overly full or stuffed. It can sometimes cause pain, discomfort and can make the stomach look bigger, almost resembling pregnancy.

Bloating and constipation are usually friends –
Constipation can lead to bloating – excess gas may also build up behind the stool which makes bloating worse.

Steps to alleviating bloating and constipation:

1. Listen to your body – often times we don’t listen to signals our body gives us or connect those signals to foods we consume. When we do connect we can then go through the process of elimination by keeping a food diary of how we feel after each meal.

2. Eat more fiber – this can be from the fruit or vegetable group – carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, grapes, tomatoes. Fiber helps to feel full without symptoms of bloating or tiredness.
There are certain cruciferous vegetables that tend to cause bloating – cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower….watch how these make you feel.

Dairy also contributes to gas and bloating.

3. Chew foods well – remember digestion starts in the mouth. In order to chew well this also means you avoid being rushed – take your time, chew your food, masticate your food, connect with your food and most of all enjoy the flavors and textures.

4. Stay away from carbonated or fizzy drinks, which is a very common cause of bloating – this includes champaign, sodas, beer, etc.

5. Stay away from chewing gum – remember chewing gum also introduces air and extra saliva into the stomach.

6. Walk, walk and walk – just get moving. Many people feel better after walking, especially after a meal.

7. Most important is your water intake – The more water you drink, the less bloating you will be. Water flushes your system and keeps your digestive tract moving so you won’t become constipated.

Just these simple tips can reduce and eliminate your bloating and constipation.

Sherese Ijewere
Nutrition Consultant – Get in touch