The Sitting Disease

The Sitting Disease – An Increased Risk of Dying Early

Sitting Disease: You Are Suffering From This!

Are you seating while reading this?

If you are, you should get up on feet right about now.

Yes… Now!

We have become so lazy and allowed ourselves to go after convenience that we are failing to see how it is damaging our health.

The western lifestyle of sitting down at all times has started to become a big part of our lives.

A typical daily pattern that you likely follow is this:

From the time you wake up in the morning;

From the bed,
You sit in the toilet,
You sit for breakfast,
You sit in the car, or a cab, or a bus, or a bike.

Then, at work:

You sit at your desk,
You sit in that 2 hours meeting,
You proceed to sit a table for lunch,
You go back to sitting at your desk,


You are back on a seat for a drive back home, and another seat to take dinner, and another to watch TV, and another to check your Phone for last time before resting for the day.

Sitting… Sitting… Sitting!

If there’s a word like “Over-sit”, then, we really do make an example of that word.

You are probably thinking to yourself, “but what is wrong with sitting?”

You are about to get an answer to that, and you will be amazed how you and I have been sitting on our health for too long.

Results of Sitting Disease – Chronic Sitting

Health experts have found that sitting for long hours could cause any or a combination of the following;

  1. An increased risk of dying early. In other words, it could kill you!
  2. Endometrial cancer: This kind of cancer is peculiar to women and is usually evident in symptoms like vaginal bleeding (not associated with a menstrual period), pain with urination, pain during sexual intercourse, or pelvic pain.
  3. Prostate cancer: Mostly occurring in males, this could diagnosed from signs like burning or pain during urination, difficulty urinating, or trouble starting and stopping while urinating, more frequent urges to urinate at night.

Other conditions that could arise as a result of chronic sitting include;

• Cardiovascular disease
• Fatty liver disease
• Depression
• Diabetes
• Heart attack
• Kidney disease
• Blood clots
• Obesity

And a whole lot more!

If you are still seating at this point, then you should do your health some kind gestures of standing up every 5 minutes out of 30 minutes, take a stroll or a long walk, walk around, engage in activities.

Forget the elevator, take the stairs, do squats at your desk, stretch out often, have stand up meetings, stand more, If possible, use a standing desk.

Are you still on a seat?
Then, get off your ass!